As of January 10, 2021
our only kitten from Litter D1 will become available in February or March

Litter E1 had 3 babies born, please refer to page Litter E1 for more details



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Fill out the adoption form, if we consider you as a qualified kitten parent, you will be enrolled into our email subscription list and receive email notifications when we have availabilities.


You will receive email updates once your application is approved

Kittens under 2 months old are not open for reservations. When they reach 1 month old the priority waiting list will open. A $300 waiting list deposit per cat will be required to reserve the spot on the queue. This is a first come first serve basis waitlist. Whoever pays the deposit first will get to pick the kitten first. Number of people accepted with paid-deposit waitlist will be no more than the current number of kittens we have.
Note: Waiting list deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, but transferrable to future litters. This deposit will be counted towards the total price of the kitten.

Waiting list deposit is not Kitten deposit, paying priority waiting list deposit means you will have priority to choose kittens, DOES NOT mean you have reserved a specific kitten.


When we start to take deposits, you may choose to place deposit(s) to join priority waiting list or not

When kittens reach 2-3 months old we will begin evaluating and determining if one kitten is for C/B/A/S quality based on breed standards from TICA. B/A/S quality is determined strictly based on Breed standard with my personal opinions, we DO NOT look at a kitten simply by its color patterns. As there is no specific rule saying one color is better/worse than another based on TICA breed standards. Please note that every person has their own aesthetic opinion and you don't have to acquire a S quality kitten just because of other people's opinions. All kittens have their own beauty and there will always be someone that cherish them. Kittens of A quality, S(show) potential will be evaluated later than C & B quality kittens, they will be brought to the latest show in SoCal and class of quality is determined based on their show results. A/S quality kittens may come with breeding rights after careful evaluation towards certified catteries. S quality kittens will always come with showing rights. All kittens without breeding rights will be altered prior to leaving for new home.


When kittens are around 2-3 months, priority waiting list will choose kitten(s) first

When price of each kitten becomes available, people who are in priority waiting list will get to choose a kitten or their own likes first. Still, this is a first come first serve basis waitlist. When a specific kitten is chosen, half of full balance as kitten deposit for the kitten is required to reserve the said kitten. (if you previously have paid the $300 waiting list deposit, you may deduct the $300 from the kitten deposit)


Email subscription list may choose kitten(s) after priority waiting list is done

After priority waiting list done choosing the kitten(s), people who submitted the application forms but did not pay for the deposit will get to choose a kitten or their own likes, there is no priority in orders for this waitlist. Kittens are considered as "reserved" only if breeder has received half of said kitten's full price as kitten deposit, there is no oral promises.
Any kitten(s) still available will be posted on social media. (Moments, RED, Instagram, etc.) Again, kittens are considered as "reserved" only if breeder has received half of said kitten's full price as kitten deposit, there is no oral promises. Once kitten deposit is received, it is non-refundable unless there's fault on our end or for special circumstances. So please be ready when you have decided which kitten to bring home, NEVER place a kitten deposit if you're not ready.


Kittens will get age appropriate vaccines and deworm

We will periodically send pictures of kittens to their new parents to show them each step of their life. Kittens will received FVRCP shots at 2, 3, 4 months old and get dewormed with Revolution at 3, 4 months old.


Kittens will be altered when they are 4-6 months old

We required remaining balance to be paid 2 weeks before spaying/neutering. After kittens are altered, a post-op exam by our vet will be scheduled and Veterinary Health Report will be issued after confirming that kittens are healthy.


Pick-up date will be settled

The kitten must go to new home within the 10 days period after the day Veterinary Health Report is issued (Or flew by a nanny), if it exceeds the 10-day period, a $178 re-examine ($55), fecal test($58) and re-issue of Veterinary Health Report ($65) fee will be required, and boarding fee of $10 per day exceeded will be added as well.


Enjoy your life with your new addition to the family.

Thank you for trusting CreamTofu Cattery, we hope you and your kitten spend wonderful lives together.


Priority Waiting List

# of people on this list will not exceed the # of available kittens we currently have.

Limited spots for British Shorthair/Longhair will be available in February or March 2022.


Email Subscription List

To join this list, you must first fill out the application form.

Due to increased number of applicants, we will no longer post detailed rosters for this list. But don't worry, we still keep record of every person that has filled out the application form.

# of people who have filled out the application form:

British Shorthair: 104

British Longhair: 37

Standard Minuet Longhair: 39

Nonstandard Minuet Longhair: 15