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Are you ready for a kitten?

Cats are cute, but behind the cuteness  they require a lot of time and care. Owning a kitten means more responsibility than you would imagine, which means:

  • daily care including but not limited to caring, playing time, togetherness and everything will last for around 20 years

  • can cost lots of money just with regular caring, including but not limited to food, cat litter, supplies, vet bills, etc

  • a lot of patience and unconditional love are required to deal with them when they don't behave

  • and more

Please, think about this again and again. This is a life just like human-being, they have emotions, would feel lonely if left home alone, would feel sad if the owner dislike them for any unknown reasons that they would never understand, and would be depressed if the owner abandons them. If you're hesitating and not sure if you should get a kitten, then don't. You're not ready. I'm not discouraging people from buying my kittens, this is just for any potential pet parents considering about any cattery, doesn't have to be mine. If you decide to get a kitten, wherever you get it from, please please make sure you will take care of it until the last day of its life.


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