TICA Minuet Breed Group (MNT/MNL)

The Minuet(MNT) and the Minuet Longhair(MNL) are short-legged, medium to substantially boned cats. They are distinguished only by the appearance of the coat with the shorthair having a plush all-weather coat and the longhair a long silky coat with britches and a plumed tail.




PERMISSIBLE OUTCROSSES: Persian Breed Group, Munchkin Breed Group.


Shape: Round, broad, with well rounded contours when viewed from any angle.  Cheeks moderately full, top head rounded but not domed. 

Ears: Medium with preference given to slightly smaller ears but not extreme.  Rounded tips.  Set wide apart.

Eyes: Large and round, wide open but not protruding. No brow ridge.  Deep brilliant eye color is preferred which conforms to coat color.

Chin: Rounded and moderate

Muzzle: Moderately short and broad with well rounded whisker pads. 

Nose: Moderately short, broad and with an obvious stop, but no break; not snub.  Top of the nose leather should not come above the lower edge of the eye.

Profile: Gentle curve to a moderate stop

Neck: Head should blend into moderately short neck.  


Torso: Semi-cobby, well rounded. Straight top-line preferred, slight rise from the shoulders to tail is acceptable.  

Legs: Short, well developed, firm musculature.  Outer upper thigh boning and musculature may be thick and pronounced due to short legs.  Inner leg straight with little to no bowing though slight bowing is acceptable. 

Feet: Rounded and neat, tufts on longhairs.

Tail: In proportion to body length or longer, not short.  Long hairs should be plumed and flowing

Boning: Medium to substantial. In front, legs  should be short and straight from the breadth of the chest adding to sturdy appearance. 

Musculature: Substantial, firm and noticeable on front legs.


Length (MNT): Short. Dense  but slightly longer than other shorthairs; standing away from body.

Length (MNL): Dense, full, allowing for seasonal variations.

Texture (MNT): Plush, double coat preferred, all weather, not lying flat. 

Texture (MNL): Soft, slight undercoat gives the coat  body but coat still falls smoothly. Not cottony. Possible curls on underbody.

General Description

The Minuet is a hybrid of the Persian Breed Group and the Munchkin Breed Group.  The desired result is a cat that should be medium in size and strong, with noticeable boning and musculature. This cat should have a very open and round face with a sweet expression and large eyes that do not tear.  The ideal Minuet is an active yet laid-back cat with a playful attitude.

Other Information

ALLOWANCES:  Lockets, nose bump.

PENALIZE:  Brow ridge, dome, snub nose

WITHHOLD ALL AWARDS (WW): Excessive tearing.

DISQUALIFY (DQ):  Nose break, crooked nose, excessive bowing, long legs.