Pricing & Info


Pricing 价格:

  • $300 for pet quality, $600 for show quality NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a kitten.

  • Deposit can be transferred to future litters if no match found.

  • Deposit will be used towards the total price of the kitten chosen.

  • Pet/Breed/Show quality is determined strictly based on Breed standard with my personal opinions, we DO NOT look at a kitten simply by its color patterns. As there is no specific rule saying one color is better/worse than another based on TICA breed standards.

  • Why nonrefundable deposit?

    • Making the decision of having a kitten should not be repulsive, as it would be around 20 years together with you. We consider people who put down deposits to have thought about this thoroughly and would care for our kittens life-long.​

British Shorthair/Longhair:

Pet Quality: $2,000-$2,600

Breed/Show Quality: $2,600+

Standard Minuet:

Pet Quality: $1,600-$2,200

Breed/Show Quality: $2,200+

Non-standard Minuet: $1,000-$1,600

Note: Shipping is not included

We sell kittens to worldwide.

What's Included

  • Your healthy, cute kitten(s) that will be at least 12 weeks old (no exception)

  • Professional vet checked

  • Spay/Neuter (no exception)

  • Microchipped

  • Age appropriate vaccinations, deworming

  • Litter box trained

  • 2-year genetic health guarantee

  • TICA certificate

  • Kitten care package

  • Exclusive free 30 day insurance coverage ( for U.S. pet parents only, excluding NY & FL, different terms apply for these 2 states)