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Pricing & Info


  • We do not keep a waitlist

  • Kitten will be available around 2-3 months old, but won't leave for new homes until spayed/neutered when 4-6 months old

  • All kittens are sold without breeding rights

  • All kittens will only go to new homes after spay/neuter

  • CreamTofu & Beloved Cattery reserves the right to refuse or cancel the sale of any kitten at any moment for any reason. Funds paid for said kitten will be refunded in full.

After you fill out the application form, contact me for price


What's Included

  • Your healthy, cute, well-socialized kitten(s) that will be at least 16 weeks old (no exception)

  • High quality living standard, and all other essentials to keep your kitten happy and healthy prior to leave for new home

  • Professional vet checked

  • Spay/Neuter (no exception)

  • Microchipped

  • FVRCP, Revolution

  • Litter box trained

  • TICA Breeder Slip

  • Health Guarantee Contract

  • Kitten care package

  • Lifetime feeding consultation

  • Exclusive free 30 day insurance coverage by Trupanion

  • Nanny Service is not included​​

Pricing 价格: About Us

Q & A

What do you breed?

We breed:

  • Minuet Longhair, both standard(short leg) and non-standard(regular leg) with cattery prefix "Beloved"

  • Persian, doll-face and extreme with cattery prefix "SoPrecious"

We will not and would never sell any non-standard Minuets as Persians. If one kitten is marked with the breed "Persian", it means that both of its parents are Persian cats. If one kitten is marked with the breed "Minuet", it means that at least on of its parents is a Minuet, and the other parent may also be a Minuet, or be a Persian. 

Is there a waitlist?

No, I do not keep a waitlist.

If I consider you to be a suitable pet parent(s), you will be added to my email list. There is no priority in this list. Everyone will receive email notifications at the same time once any kitten of the breed of your interest becomes available.

Do you sell breeding rights?

No, we do not sell breeding rights. Breeding rights are only available to those I trust as good and reputable breeders.

What kind of food do you feed your kittens?

We mainly feed our kittens with canned food, freeze-dried food, and raw food.

For canned we use: Instinct, Ziwi Peak, Feline Natural, SquarePet, Rawz, Wellness, American Journey, Lotus

For freeze-dried we use: Feline Natural, Nulo, Vital Cat, Boss Cat, Primal

For raw we use: Darwin's, Lotus

What if multiple people are interested in the same kitten at the same time?

Whoever decides and pays the deposit first would get the kitten, but only under the circumstance that we have communicated and you must be 100% sure you love the kitten from any aspect. And no, we DO NOT auction our kitties under any condition.

I'm interested in getting a kitten from you, what should I do?

After you've browsed through the website, please fill out this form, I will carefully evaluate if you're a suitable family for our future babies and contact you.

What if I don't want my kitten spayed/neutered?

Please go somewhere else, there is no exception here.

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